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Scotland has 32 council areas and every single day people make use of the services and facilities that they provide.

They employ thousands of people to deliver these services. Council staff account for almost 10% of all jobs in the country.

Our local democracies are facing increasing challenges: less funding from the Scottish Government and more demand from constituents.

The last Scottish council elections were held in My 2017. Turnout of registered voters was 46.9%, the highest since 1977. The low numbers were despite these being the first council elections in which 16 and 17 year olds could participate.

How do councils engage with residents? How do people feel about their councillors and the work they do? Do you know the names of the people who decide that every kid who qualifies for free school meals can get one every day of the year? Or the names of those that have decided to put up your council tax for the third year running?

We are going to ask you, your elected officials, experts, local journalists and campaigners to find out how our local democracies really work.

First episode of the podcast is here.

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